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Beth Kitzman CTIE

Number of years company has been in business:
22 years

In 50 words or less, please share a quick description for your company:
Trisept Solutions formed in 2000 to empower travel advisors and propel travel technology. VAX VacationAccess launched in 2001 and changed the way travel advisors research, market and book travel. VAX is an award-winning leisure travel marketplace with 45+ prestigious awards, used by over 125,000 travel advisors with access to book some of the biggest names in leisure travel. VAX is home to The Compass, our editorial resource for travel industry content created just for travel advisors.

Do you have a Travel Advisor Specialist Program and if so please share the URL where advisors can learn more or sign-up:

Share a little about the company culture (what you're most excited about as an employee):
What excites me about working with VAX VacationAccess is the opportunity to engage with the advisors that are making their clients dreams come true. I love learning from advisors what would make their jobs easier and more efficient. I share that insight with my team and VAX continues to grow and be the leisure travel marketplace that most advisors visit daily.

As it relates to romance travel, what unique value proposition(s) set your brand apart from the competition?
The sheer number of suppliers (and showcases) available on VAX sharing their content and resources that are romance and wedding specific for their destinations and resorts. We have a dedicated Destination Wedding campaign every year, and dedicated resource on our site. The Compass has a wealth of shareable content and articles from across the industry for wedding, honeymoon and romance as well.

Can you share a success story (with WOW factors) when working with travel advisors?
Last year alone, at the Romance Travel Forum the majority of the advisors I met with that had no idea how much useful content and how many resources we have on VAX for romance travel. The tools we provide for marketing and social media was eye-opening for so many!

What is new and exciting that you're looking forward to share with this year's Romance Travel Forum delegates?
Our updated Destination Weddings resource, our expanded Travel Inspo Toolkit and so much new shareable romance content on The Compass is just the tip of the iceberg.

The travel industry is forever evolving. What are some of the trends you're seeing, and what initiatives is your brand developing to support travel sellers grow their business?
Making content marketing easier, continued growth of the travel agent channel and the growth of agents who are new to the travel industry. Our initiatives focus on being the go-to place for these agents to get their feet under them in the industry – between education resources, content marketing tools, breadth of suppliers and their products and the ease of use of our product all cater toward the agents. Our simple commitment is to help agents succeed.

What are your traditional commission structures?
VAX VacationAccess is a neutral leisure marketplace. We are providing you access to the suppliers that provide the commissions.

Why should travel advisors work with your brand?
We are truly one-of-a-kind, there is no other marketplace that is available to them that offers everything we do.

What tools/technologies do you have in place to support travel sellers, and do they integrate into current available technologies? If yes, please share which ones.
There are many tools available to support advisors as they book on our award-winning booking engine. The Sales Email, attaching the advisor’s agency logo to their emails, allowing advisors to duplicate and compare itineraries to find the best options for their client are just a few of the tools that make our site advisor supportive.

When communicating with your company, what can travel advisors expect (ie turnaround time, dedicated point person, etc.)?
The suppliers that you can book on our marketplace offer great resources within our site for support as well as contact information in multiple locations. VAX VacationAccess also offers technical support for technology issues that do not relate to the suppliers’ bookings.

How and where can travel advisors book or get support when selling your product?
Help Center Link (footer of VAX) > Issues > VAX Tech Support and Suppliers. All the contact information is provided in one place.

In light of Covid19 still being a part of our day-to-day operations, are there protocols you think are essential for travel advisors to be aware of when booking your brand?
Our marketplace provides resources regarding Covid19 and what the latest updates are with the CDC and how the companies you are doing business with are handling it.