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Ms. Kelly Messina
Sr. Director of Leisure Sales

Number of years company has been in business:
67 years

In 50 words or less, please share a quick description for your company:
Las Vegas has changed tremendously in recent years and continues to capture the world’s imagination as the one destination where nearly anything is possible. Beyond the 24-hour-a-day casino excitement are some of the best restaurants, the most unique entertainment options and the greatest variety of resort accommodations in the world.

Do you have a Travel Advisor Specialist Program and if so please share the URL where advisors can learn more or sign-up:

Share a little about the company culture (what you're most excited about as an employee):
We are going strong post-pandemic with plans for new resorts, restaurants, attractions and events being announced almost daily.

As it relates to romance travel, what unique value proposition(s) set your brand apart from the competition?
A multitude of wedding venues – from chapels to outdoor locations. There is a place for every style and budget.

Can you share a success story (with WOW factors) when working with travel advisors?
Las Vegas is a tight-knit community with partners that help each other rather than compete. There have been many examples of how apparent this is when a travel advisor needs assistance. Our partners jump at the chance immediately and the results are overwhelmingly positive.

What is new and exciting that you're looking forward to share with this year's Romance Travel Forum delegates?
Our Forever Happens Here Wedding campaign and all the exciting components that go with it. Contests for engaged couples and past wedding couples, special offers and discounts for wedding couples, and much more to be announced.

The travel industry is forever evolving. What are some of the trends you're seeing, and what initiatives is your brand developing to support travel sellers grow their business?
We are seeing a surge in wedding requests as well as bachelor/ette trips. We recently launched a new advertising campaign called Forever Happens Here with digital assets and contests around our 5 millionth wedding license being issued on 2/20/2022.

What are your traditional commission structures?
The LVCVA doesn’t pay commission, however we advocate for of our partners to. We have a listing of all the commission opportunities - from rooms to transfers to shows and more - on our travel advisor website,

Why should travel advisors work with your brand?
We can connect them with industry partners who can assist them in closing the sale and also provide "boots on the ground" insight into venues.

What tools/technologies do you have in place to support travel sellers, and do they integrate into current available technologies? If yes, please share which ones.
We have training programs and digital marketing assets that can be accessed and used free of charge through our Learn and Earn program. Within that program they can also submit Group RFP’s and connect with hotel sales managers throughout the city.

When communicating with your company, what can travel advisors expect (ie turnaround time, dedicated point person, etc.)?
We are lightning fast in our replies, usually within 24 hours.

How and where can travel advisors book or get support when selling your product?
We don't have a booking site, but information on where to book can be found on our consumer site,

In light of Covid19 still being a part of our day-to-day operations, are there protocols you think are essential for travel advisors to be aware of when booking your brand?
Nothing new for Vegas. We are 99% back to business as usual.