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Martina Mairhofer

Number of years company has been in business:

In 50 words or less, please share a quick description for your company:
Sandos Hotels & Resorts offer unique wedding locations and award-winning all-inclusive wedding experiences in Mexico. Located in Cancun, Riviera Maya and Los Cabos, you will easily find the perfect match for your DW couples and entice them with great perks while earning top commission and free nights for yourself.

Do you have a Travel Advisor Specialist Program and if so please share the URL where advisors can learn more or sign-up:
Yes -

Share a little about the company culture (what you're most excited about as an employee):
Sandos is a small company with only 4 all-inclusive resorts in Mexico. Far from a "cookie-cutter" hotel chain each property offers a very different and unique vacation experience. From desert vibe, whale watching in Cabo, to eco and beach family fun in the Mayan Riviera to a more sophisticated wellness get away, each resort is unique and exciting in its own way.

As it relates to romance travel, what unique value proposition(s) set your brand apart from the competition?
Our Destination Wedding couples love the fact that each resort offer unique and private wedding locations. All our resorts offer beautiful beach locations and gazebos as well a rooftop terrace which are very popular. In addition, guests can find more unique locations such as a hidden garden at Sandos Playacar, an exclusive Penthouse terrace at Sandos Cancun, a Marina view terrace at Sandos Finisterra and probably the most unique: our Cenote at Sandos Caracol. Couples also love the fact that our wedding packages are very complete (top package even includes a DJ, 3 tier cake and much more) and the decor is completely customizable and can be added on from our a la carte menu. Our professional team will work with each couple to make sure each wedding couple receives their dream wedding within their budget range.

Can you share a success story (with WOW factors) when working with travel advisors?
There have been many stories where couples had to change their wedding date as many as 3 times and navigated the uncertain waters of covid together with our team and travel advisor who all worked twice as hard to make this dream come true. We appreciate all the support along the way from our travel advisors and it's even more rewarding to see everything come together finally and know the couple and their guests had a great time.

What is new and exciting that you're looking forward to share with this year's Romance Travel Forum delegates?
We have grown our wedding callcenter, so we are able to quicker service email and phone requests for wedding bookings at We have also extended our wedding package pricing all through 2023, which means there hasn't been a price increase since 2020. Couples will continue to be able to earn up to USD 2000 off their wedding package based on the number of rooms booked.

The travel industry is forever evolving. What are some of the trends you're seeing, and what initiatives is your brand developing to support travel sellers grow their business?
We are seeing that there is no longer a one size fits all solution. Each couple has different needs, wants and budgets that we are happy to work with. Flexibility has definitely become key over the last couple of years more than ever, as unexpected situations may arise in the form of sudden change in travel restrictions or requirements, reduced guest counts, personal situations the couple may go through and affect their travel plans, which is why we have been helping couples and travel advisors with the best available options and adapt quickly to new situations. For example, we allow couples to change their wedding package at any time at no penalty should their guest count decrease or for any other reason, we have even created a new boutique ceremony package for that purpose. Couples are also able to change their wedding date if the original travel dates for any reason don't work out.

What are your traditional commission structures?
Travel advisors will receive 15% commission on wedding packages and 10% on most wedding enhancements.

Why should travel advisors work with your brand?
Sandos Hotels & Resorts is very supportive of the travel advisor community which is why almost 80% of our weddings are booked by travel advisors. Our resorts have won the wedding wire couples' choice award for the 7th year in a row which speaks to the quality of service and experience our couples will have at the resort. Plus, commission payment is an effortless process for advisors and many love to use their free nights to enjoy and get to know the resorts better.

What tools/technologies do you have in place to support travel sellers, and do they integrate into current available technologies? If yes, please share which ones.
Our booking system is integrated with most wholesalers.

When communicating with your company, what can travel advisors expect (ie turnaround time, dedicated point person, etc.)?
We have a dedicated wedding callcenter which is your one contact for all resorts and we are available at or tollfree (844) 259-6109 Mon-Fri from 9am-6pm and Sat 9am-1pm (Cancun Time). Average response time is 24 business hours by email. For confirmed weddings each resort team will assign a dedicated wedding planner to a wedding 3 months out and will guide the couple or the advisor through the whole planning process.

How and where can travel advisors book or get support when selling your product?
Through our above-mentioned wedding callcenter, our wedding sales manager (me) at or your local BDM (you can find your BDM contact on We also have travel advisor Facebook groups which have proven to be a great tool to keep in touch with travel advisors:

In light of Covid19 still being a part of our day-to-day operations, are there protocols you think are essential for travel advisors to be aware of when booking your brand?
Fortunately, vaccination is very advanced in our destinations which are all in the green traffic light, however, Sandos continues to apply all health and safety measures so our guests can feel safe while enjoying their vacation, honeymoon or wedding. Also, covid tests are available at a reduced cost at the resorts so guests don't need to leave the property before their return flight. All information about our health and safety protocols can be found in the below links: