Supplier Seals

We are thrilled you have chosen to join us for the 2024 Romance Travel Forum!  As a key partner to this event and advocate of the travel advisor community, we encourage you to promote your participation.  With that in mind, we’ve customized seals that you can easily download and use across your social media platforms, on your website or within your signature – basically wherever you’d like!  Our official hashtags are #RTF2024 and #TravelSMG and we encourage you to use these when posting.  In addition, here is recommended verbiage (that you may tweak as you see fit):

As a recognized partner to the Travel Advisor community, I am thrilled to share COMPANY NAME is participating in the 2024 Romance Travel Forum!  Romance Travel Forum will offer us a unique opportunity to collaborate with the best and brightest Travel Advisors focused on destination wedding groups, honeymoons, and other romantic milestones celebrated with travel.  We look forward to being a part of this year’s program and are excited to work with our Travel Advisor partners in making their clients' and our guests' romantic holiday dreams a reality!

Supplier Partner Seal

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